Olivia Dunne, who is unable to attend in-person classes, welcomes a major update from LSU.

Olivia Dunne, a social media influencer and gymnast for LSU, may enjoy fame and wealth that lasts a lifetime.

Dunne opened up about her struggles, including the fact that she is unable to take classes on the LSU campus in person owing to safety fears, in a recent interview with Elle’s Kayla Webley Adler.

“There were some scares in the past, and I just want to be as careful as possible,” Dunne, an online student, said. To paraphrase, “I don’t want people to know my daily schedule and where I am.”

Some LSU gymnasts were reportedly harassed by a group of males who “demanded to see” coach Dunne during LSU’s opening 2023 season competition at the University of Utah. One hundred to two hundred guys “chanted wildly during the competition, disrupting the performance of other gymnasts,” as Adler put it.

Private security was hired by the LSU sports department to accompany the squad to the rest of the season’s competitions, and Adler said there were no further issues. The team advanced to the finals of the NCAA tournament, where they placed fourth overall.

Dunne is now one of the most well-known collegiate athletes in the United States, with millions of fans across her many social media channels. She has a net worth of $3.4 million, making her the highest-paid female collegiate athlete.

American Eagle, PlantFuel, Body Armor, Grubhub, Linktree, Forever 21, Vuori, and Leaf Trading Cards are just some of the companies that have signed the 20-year-old up for endorsement deals.

Dunne is a senior this year, and the Tigers are aiming for a championship season.

“I know it’s coming to an end, so I’m trying to take in every single memory I can,” Dunne said.

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