7 Ways to Boost Your Social Confidence and Attract Women

If I met a genie who could give me one wish, it would be to reform school education by introducing comprehensive dating and relationship skills into school curricula.

My second aim is to mainstream and extensively practice the process of obtaining mastery in love and relationships.

In the dating scene, there is a lot of stress and misunderstanding, and sadly, there frequently appears to be a dominating antagonism between the genders. 

Women and men appear to blame one other for a lack of a dating life in social media posts and comment threads about love and dating

Unfortunately, this combative strategy simply serves to exacerbate the current loneliness crisis.

Surprisingly, statistics show that there are more single and lonely men than women. Many single men find themselves 

In this circumstance due to a lack of understanding about finding love or because of previous traumatic experiences that have made them unwilling to try again.

Why do we approach love as if it should happen naturally, as if by chance? The romantic situations presented in movies and on social media tend to reinforce the notion that love just happens.


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