Alexander Zverev furious with Hitler-hailing fan at US Open

It's shocking what happened during the Jannik Sinner vs. Alexander Zverev match,

at the US Open on the Arthur Ashe Stadium, when a spectator called Adolf Hitler a "great man.

"The pestering fan who was sitting directly behind the chair umpire was ejected,

by the German player during the fourth set after he became enraged about the situation and complained,

to the chair umpire about the remarks he had heard.He roared at me with Hitler's most well-known quote,

Zverev complained to the chair umpire.This is intolerable.The audience boos,

and beats on the fan as security personnel approach two persons seated in the front rows,

behind the chair umpire, talk to one of them, and then lift the man off his feet and transport him out.


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