Alisha Lehmann, a Swiss women's soccer player, is the social media sensation you've been missing out on.

There are numerous American female athletes with large social media followings. Olivia Dunne, Paige Spiranac, Alex Morgan, Simone Biles, 

and countless others have converted their talents into massive followings and big cash. Alisha Lehman, a Swiss soccer player and Aston Villa attacker,

is their European counterpart.Alisha Lehmann's social media following dwarfs that of many of the athletes mentioned. 

She has 13.4 million Instagram followers and 8.6 million Tiktok followers. Dunne, on the other hand, has roughly 11.5 million.

She is a cultural phenomenon in Europe. Much of it is due to her previous connection with fellow Swiss soccer player Ramona Bachmann. 

When Bachmann was at Chelsea and Lehmann was at West Ham, the two met in a match, and the scenario was presented on the BBC show World's Youngest Football Boss.

Many people were interested in the couple's romance, however it ended in 2021. She was dating Aston Villa Men's star footballer Douglas Luiz,

however the couple split late last year, with allegations circulating that Luiz was furious that Alisha Lehmann had done a quite exposing calendar shot.

But she's also a fantastic footballer. Alisha Lehmann scored 42 goals in 145 club games and seven more for the Swiss national side, which will compete in the World Cup

this summer in Australia and New Zealand. She has made four appearances for the team this year and is expected to make the squad again.


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