AlphaTauri receives ‘very explicit instruction’ from Red Bull before F1 2024 redesign.

The two teams share owners in Formula 1, but AlphaTauri is behind Red Bull in the championship.

Italian team has moved away from English team in recent years, but Marko orders them to join Red Bull next year. 

 Since the 2020 AlphaTauri redesign, the team has moved further away from Red Bull, not taking use of Formula 1's copying permissions.

After their performance plummeted, Red Bull opted to rein in their sister business and grab as many Milton Keynes pieces as legal.

“There were always differences between Italy and England,” Marko told the Young Economist.

AlphaTauri designers occasionally thought they would be better with Red Bull's money.

Conflict smoldered throughout this partnership. This is why it's being restructured.”

The Faenza staff will change at the end of 2023 with Laurent Mekies joining Peter Bayer as CEO. A transfer to the UK is no longer a possibility.

Marko also expects Hugo Boss to sponsor the event, which will alter the name from Red Bull's apparel brand.

Marko said the directive is obvious. AlphaTauri must adapt everything allowed by law.


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