Bob Dylan Shares “The Man in Me” from 1978 Budokan Concerts for New Live Album

The best performances from two of Bob Dylan's legendary 1978 performances at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan were collected.

On the album Bob Dylan at Budokan, which was released later that year.

However, there was always more to come. It will soon have an official release.

A new live album called The Complete Budokan 1978, which includes every song from.

The 1978 concerts on February 28 and March 1, will be published on November 17 by Columbia Records.

The chief engineer, Tom Suzuki, said in a statement, "We mixed the record with the keyword 'passion' in mind," according to Pitchfork. "

The end result is a mix that surpasses the original 1978 release, providing a crisper and clearer sound where each instrument and Bob Dylan's voice are distinctly audible."

This may be heard on "The Man in Me," a song from that collection that was published this week, which is different from the studio version that was featured on New Morning in 1970.

The live Budokan version spends a little more time savoring its own feel than the original version, which plods along with a calm gospel stride.

Steve Douglas's buttery saxophone solo and the gorgeously lush background vocals of Helena Springs, Jo Ann Harris, and Debi Dye complement that.


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