Brian Kelly was slammed for his comments about LSU's humiliating loss to FSU.

The postgame comments that LSU head coach Brian Kelly made after his team suffered a humiliating loss in the first game of the season have not

gone over well with all of the school's supporters.Kelly, who was full of confidence before the game, predicted that his team, the LSU Tigers,

will "beat the heck" out of the Florida State Seminoles on Sunday evening. "There are still going to be certain areas that will be in need of improvement.

We are going to take 15 first-year players and 14 transfer players on this trip; as a result, nearly forty percent of this travel team will be experiencing

their first overnight with LSU for the first time. We're going to absolutely destroy Florida State, and that's not a qualification of any kind,"

Kelly's team, LSU, suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of rival Florida State University in a game that was decided by a wide margin.

Kelly criticized the arrogant mindset that his team had coming into the game while he was speaking to the media.

"For some inexplicable reason, we were under the impression that we were something else.


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