Dates That Are Unlucky For You Based on Your Birth Month.

You have a crucial presentation, job interview, or first date scheduled. Everything appears to be in order, but suddenly something unexpected happens.

Enter the fascinating realm of bad dates associated with your birth month.

Starting the year strong, January is connected with new beginnings. Those born in January should look out for the 4th and 13th. 

February is the month of love, but individuals born in February have it rough. Rarely occuring except in leap years, February 29th is considered unlucky. 

Although March heralds the approach of spring, it also contains a day that will live in infamy. If you were born in March, you could have anxiety on March 15th. 

Although April showers may herald May blossoms, April 1st, commonly known as April Fools' Day, can be particularly challenging for people who were born in April.

May is a month when flowers bloom and summer begins, but if May is your birth month, you might want to exercise caution on May 5 and May 20.

Although June is a month of warmth and brightness, folks who were born in this month may feel uneasy on June 6. 

There are many contrasts in July, including scorching days and thunderstorms. If July is your birth month, you may want to exercise particular caution between July 7 and July 27. 

August, which is frequently thought of as the height of summer, may have a unique collection of unfortunate days.


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