Dillon Brooks Shows His Support for Ja Morant by Wearing His Shoes in the FIBA World Cup

While Dillon Brooks is no longer a member of the Memphis Grizzlies, the new Houston Rockets forward remains close to his old teammates.

Brooks has been wearing his trademark sneakers while playing for Team Canada in this summer's FIBA World Cup:

Brooks has been seen wearing Morant's new shoes several times this summer, but it's always wonderful to see this connection between the former Memphis Grizzlies teammates. 

Morant and Brooks have had an intriguing summer, as Brooks was part of a massive sign-and-trade that put him in Houston, while Morant was suspended for 25 games following another gun video incident.

There have been many stories surrounding Brooks and his departure from Memphis, but one thing is certain: he still has a strong relationship with his former teammates. 

Many Grizzlies players have come out about their admiration for Brooks, which has been refreshing in the face of a lot of negative media coverage.

While Brooks and the Grizzlies parted ways, the All-Defensive team forward will always be an integral part of what Memphis has developed over the last few seasons. 

Brooks will seek to offer his seasoned wisdom and toughness to a younger bunch trying to find their way in the Western Conference in Houston.


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