Following its debut, The Flash Movie's streaming viewership ranking has been revealed.

The Flash's audience ranking has been officially published after a weekend of streaming on Max.

When DC's multiverse blockbuster hit theaters earlier this summer, it did not set the globe on fire. 

Despite the studio's anticipation, the Ezra Miller-led epic is expected to cost Warner Bros. (WB) upwards of $200 million.

WB was eager to put The Flash up on digital stores in the months following its theatrical debut,

finally giving the film its streaming release months before it was initially anticipated to come as well.

The official streaming rankings for the top movies on all streaming platforms for the August 25-27 weekend were released by Whip Media, and DC's The Flash was at the top of the list.

The Flash debuted at number one on the Warner Bros.-owned Max channel on Friday, August 25.

The super-powered epic defeated other heavyweights such as the Adam Sandler-led You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, which was released on Netflix the same day. 


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