Former Grizzlies Player Slams Team USA Following Lithuanian Loss

On Sunday, USA Basketball was defeated by Lithuania in FIBA World Cup play, losing 110-104. Many have complained that Team USA

does not have the strongest possible lineup for this World Cup run, but few have been more vociferous than former Memphis Grizzlies guard Gilbert Arenas.

Arenas, who retired after three All-Star appearances with the Washington Wizards, lambasted Team USA in a clip from his Gil's Arena show: 

"Team USA took that weak roster to the World Cup and look what happened," the caption read.

As previously said, the video footage was taken from an episode of Gil's Arena in which the former NBA star criticized Team USA's roster construction.

"As a group, we could probably say what? "F-list in comparison to what we have," Arenas says in the video. "In comparison to all NBA players." 

When we talk about [C-list], we're referring to Jimmy Butler and [Jaylen Brown]. That would be classified as a C group... [Devin] What would Booker be, B? 

That's Zion Williamson's B group. That's the B group, Ja Morant. So, in comparison to what we have, this is a F group."


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