Jalen Hurts Sums Up The Patriots In One Word

The Philadelphia Eagles' 2023 campaign will kick off against the New England Patriots,

led by Jalen Hurts. At Gillette Stadium, the top quarterback anticipates a competitive battle.

Before their confrontation on Sunday, Hurts praised his opponent in a statement to the media on Wednesday.

Hurts told NESN, "This is a wonderful squad. We're about to play against a well-coached,

team in a very challenging setting. We only need to exert control over the things that we can.

Hurts dismantled a Patriots defense that gave up the eighth-fewest yards in the previous campaign.

On the back end, they have a ton of athletes, said Hurts. "Their linebacking group engages in rough play.

To the ball, they fly. Their D-line, in my opinion, has excellent edge rushers.


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