John Wick Director Offers an Update on Chapter 5

When a studio has a highly successful franchise like John Wick, it's natural for them to want to make more. Naturally, the industry thrives on profits. 

Fortunately, when a creative team wishes to keep a franchise (such as John Wick) alive, it also implies that overall quality must match or exceed that of its predecessors.

So, based on what we've seen from the franchise thus far, it's safe to anticipate that when we do get another John Wick picture, it'll most certainly exceed our expectations.

During a recent podcast interview, John Wick director Chad Stahelski was questioned about the possibility of another film in the franchise, to which he responded enthusiastically,

"Yeah, Keanu and I have talked." 'Would you do John Wick 5?' asks Keanu right now. He'd be like, 'f-k sure'. But then he'd look around and say, "Well, what is it?"

 'I have no f-king idea,' I say. Stahelski goes on to say, "That's it. Trust me on this. It's not like, 'We'll sort it out today.' Look, buddy, 

we're going to do our other work for a little while, but if I was driving in the vehicle or walking the dog and an idea came to me,

I'd be on the phone to Keanu and we'd be riffing in 30 seconds." When franchise producer Basil Iwanyk talked with IGN in June, he stated, "

was embraced enough by the critics and the audience that it's kind of an organic and natural next step to do John Wick 5." I believe there is no doubt that it is in progress,

but the story is not yet complete. And it isn't until the story is there... It's true about something we're attempting to figure out. But we haven't decided on the appearance or feel of the film."


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