Lewis Hamilton Hits Max Verstappen Again As Feud Heats Up.

Lewis Hamilton has criticized Max Verstappen in a developing dispute.

After Hamilton's Friday comments regarding Verstappen, things may escalate. 

Hamilton is regarded the greatest driver of all time and a seven-time series winner at 38, but Verstappen is already challenging him at 25. 

The two-time series champion went to the last race with Hamilton in 2021. 

The Belgian leads this year's standings with Red Bull Racing, which appears unbeatable. It appears there will be no slowdown.  

Hamilton remarked before the July Australian grand Prix that "Ultimately, it's likely that bit by bit, by the end of the year.

 we'll catch Red Bull, but that's only because they're already focusing on next year's car because they're so far ahead."

 They're 100 points ahead of us, therefore they don't need to update this year's automobile. A time should be set by the FIA for everyone to start developing their next vehicle.


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