Lionel Messi's Iraq-fighting ex-Navy Seal bodyguard takes no prisoners.

Yassine Chueko, Lionel Messi's bodyguard during Inter Miami games, has garnered notice.

Inter Miami president David Beckham suggested Chueko as Messi's security detail to protect the most famous US soccer player.

Chueko patrols the pitch's perimeter and watches Messi's every move. Chueko allegedly earns $250,000 ($198,000) to watch Messi.

His quickness and attentiveness allow him to quickly respond to pitch intruders approaching the Miami captain. 

However, his commitment to the job has increased his internet fame.

Chueko's quick move in a 97th-minute equalizer against FC Cincinnati in the US Open semi-final went viral on social media. 

 Fans saw Messi's security race up the touchline to stay near.

On social media, fans instantly commented, "Peep Messi's bodyguard, this guy follows him EVERYWHERE." Another posted, "Inter Miami's Leo Messi bodyguard is everywhere."


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