Mexico and Vietnam benefited from the US importing its lowest share of Chinese goods in 17 years.

The US imports less from China as supply chains move away Bloomberg found that 14.6% of US imports were from China in the year through July.

This is the lowest US import share of Chinese goods since 2006. As corporations diversify their manufacturing sites, the US imports less from China.

Bloomberg's Wednesday review of US Census Department data showed that 14.6% of all shipments in the 12 months through July were from China.

The country's import proportion dropped from 21.8% in March 2018, before then-US President Donald Trump escalated a trade conflict with China.

Bloomberg figures show the lowest US-China import percentage since 2006.

After years of supply chain problems due to Washington-Beijing geopolitical tensions, COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in China, and growing Chinese salaries that raise manufacturing costs, the data was released.

 Starting in 2023, Mexico overtook Canada as the US' biggest trading partner.

Mexico was the US' largest trading partner in July, accounting for roughly 16% of trade.


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