MLB is correct to keep the pitch clock for playoffs, promising speedier games.

The pitch clock works in September, so why modify it for the playoffs. 

 The MLB said Friday that the postseason pitch clock will remain unchanged. 

When the clock starts with bases empty, the pitcher gets 15 seconds to pitch, or 20 with runners on. Before eight seconds, the batter must be ready. 

This season is fantastic for MLB. The average game attendance is the highest since 2017.

If we exclude 2020 and 2021 because to pandemic limits, year-over-year attendance is 9.18% through August, the best since 1998, when two expansion clubs played. 

23 of 30 clubs' game attendance increased in 2023 compared to 2022. TV ratings are also growing. 

This all due to the pitch clock? I doubt that's the only explanation, but it's foolish to deny its impact. 

Recent years have seen attendance and viewership dip as play has slowed. With a pitch clock, the numbers are rising again? Something's there.


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