MLB playoff race: These 13 September series will determine the playoffs.

Baseball enthusiasts, hello September. Shohei Ohtani struck out Mike Trout to end the World Baseball Classic yesterday, but we're in the last month of the regular season.

The 2023 regular season has three weeks and six days left.

Here's the postseason bracket if the season ended today, which happily it doesn't. 

 There is a three-team tie for the third NL wild-card slot, and the Reds are only a few percentage points away from making it four, so the season may end well. 

We have close races coming into September, which is all you can ask for.

September always delivers terrific stories and interesting series, and there will be plenty of high-stakes games. 

These chronologically ordered series should be on your calendar this month. 

 Right from the start on Labor Day, two fierce in-state rivals compete for the AL West crown and are separated by percentage points. 


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