MLB Power Rankings: Twins' stunning postseason run and Braves' L.A. statement.

Openness of the American League? Does the Twins have room to run?I mock-tracked the AL Central race earlier this season in hopes of seeing a division winner finish under.500. 

 After the All-Star break, the Twins are 26-20. This math suggests they've been playing like a 92-win club, which is decent for a division champion. 

The Twins, the organization with the longest playoff losing skid, may be able to steal a pennant by looking outside the AL. 

I couldn't help but think of third grade. Yes, for me. I was there in 1987, but I'm sure we're all different. 

Twins won the World Series. This despite an 85-win regular season. Their run differential was negative.

They defeated a 98-win Tigers club with a +161 run differential in five games in the ALCS, losing just a one-run game in the ninth when the Tigers scored two to take the lead

The Twins defeated the 95-win Cardinals in seven games in the World Series. They trailed 3-2 in the series and 5-2 in Game 6's fifth inning. 

The Orioles and Rays have been dominant in the AL East all season, but neither postseason rotation seems likely. The Blue Jays are unpredictable, if they make the playoffs. 


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