MLB Star Power Index: Astros (Asteroids?) fan wins our hearts.

The impulse to become a rangy, sure-handed center fielder is as ancient as our pointed canine teeth, which we use to chew an entire tray of hot wings on the commode. 

Your first-edition autographed Bible falls from its high shelf, and you reach out to grab it like a marionette.

When you open a kitchen cupboard, the JC Penney mayonnaise jar spills out, speckled with legless maggots, and your loving arms are poised to catch it.

When a dumb, loser child totters and plummets, your hands reach out again, but a second, stronger, deeper instinct recoils them

 smashing his face on the flagstone path and teaching him to do and be better for species survival and advancement.

  In a similar manner, a baseball fan stops stomping and clapping to get a hit.

The rooter who interferes with a batted ball is not to be criticized or penalized.

We should praise that rooter for complying to the evolutionary mechanisms that have made us idealized baseball fans through time.


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