NFL Week 1 early odds: Cowboys favored to beat Giants on the road; Aaron Rodgers favored to lose in Jets debut

And here we are again. The 2023 regular season has begun, and in a matter of days, 

the Chiefs will display their championship banner for all to see before facing off against the Lions in the first game of the year. 

When a new season of NFL action begins, there is, of course, a plethora of games that we may place bets on.

Even though we'll only get to watch one game on Thursday night, we'll get to see Aaron Rodgers 

play for the first time with the New York Jets on Monday night during the Monday Night Football showdown.

On Sunday, we'll get to watch a full slate of 14 games, plus the Monday Night Football showdown. 

While we continue to wait for all of the chaos to begin, let's take our first

look at all of the matchups for Week 1 and get our thoughts on the opening

lines to see if there is anything they can tell us about who the oddsmakers view as going on to win the game.


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