On September 3, 2023, 3 Zodiac Signs May Have Rough Horoscopes

Venus moving direct on September 3, 2023, may cause a sudden rush of love,

which may bother three zodiac signs. Today, we're using transit Moon square Pluto energy.

Since it's September, you expect things to go your way because you've always believed in the fresh start of autumn.


Moon square Pluto shows you that everything happens on its own and that you may need,

During Moon square Pluto, you may feel like things are dragging, and ironically, Venus just came out of retrograde,


so you're right—you're not used to fast changes, and that's coming your way.

September 3, 2023, brings fresh love into your life, but it's not always nice. After Venus went direct,


you may still be 'careful'. This suggests you're not ready to start a new relationship and worry about it.


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