Patriots' 'He's actually helped me a lot,' says Mac Jones of Tom Brady.

Tom Brady's legendary tenure with the New England Patriots ended after the 2019 season. 

 In the first round of the 2021 draft, the Patriots selected quarterback Mac Jones.

Although Jones did not officially succeed the future Pro Football Hall of Famer, he regards Brady as a mentor and someone who benefited him in his early career.

Brady declared in February that he was "retiring for good," and the Patriots have made arrangements to celebrate the quarterback who won six Super Bowls in a Patriots uniform during their 2018 season opener.

Jones revealed more about his bond with Brady during his weekly radio interview on WEEI."He's unquestionably a legend." "I have nothing but respect for him; he's a great guy,"

"Just talking to him or whatever has already helped me a lot." He's been a fantastic mentor and all that. He's a fantastic player.

"I enjoy viewing his film... He appears on game tape from last year, as well as everything else. He's constantly doing the right thing in the movies, so I'm simply trying to learn from him.

Jones had an up-and-down 2022 season and hopes to rebound in 2023. He stated that he will not hesitate to contact Brady if he requires assistance.


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