Philadelphia 76ers and James Harden: One side blinks first

James Harden, the star player for the Philadelphia 76ers, is currently at odds with his team after they refused,

to grant his request for a trade. Although neither side seems eager to initiate contact,

NBA writer Mark Medina predicts that one side will grow 'antsy' by the time training camp rolls around.

When the Philadelphia 76ers were able to deal 10x All-talent James Harden to the Brooklyn,

Nets for mediocre talent Ben Simmons back in February 2022, they must have believed they had struck gold.

They are now in a circumstance that is uncannily similar to the Simmons saga.

The 33-year-old expects the 76ers to grant his requests this off-season after activating his,

player option for the 2023–24 season and subsequently submitted a trade request,


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