Portland State coach alleges player had ‘ear ripped off’ in blowout defeat to Oregon.

Portland State opened the 2023 college football season with an 81-7 loss to the Oregon Ducks. 

 Oregon dominated Portland State, taking a 50-7 advantage into halftime and breaking the score record at Autzen Stadium in the process. 

While the Vikings were pummeled on Saturday, they departed Eugene relatively unscathed. Portland State head coach Bruce Barnum said the team had no significant injuries except for one player who had his "ear ripped off." 

"Everything is fine. Tap on the wood. One of our members got his ear ripped off. They sewed it back on, and now he's been diagnosed with a concussion. 

 So, he's out, but I think he'll be alright," Barnum remarked on "The Bald Faced Truth with John Canzano" on Tuesday.

"Not the entire ear. Barnum clarified, "partial ear detachment." "I think it was from when he got his helmet knocked off, and his ear didn't come out of his helmet."

The athlete will not participate in Week 2, according to Barnum, but there were no season-ending injuries against Oregon. 

The FCS Vikings will face one more FBS club, Wyoming, before beginning their FCS schedule. 


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