September 2, 2023: 3 Zodiac Signs Find Respect & Self-Love

Despite difficult events, we are flexible and will always find ourselves after a long, hard 'dark night of the soul.'

On September 2, 2023, we will have one of those awakenings after what we believe is the final wake-up call.

Today makes you want to lay down your books and self-help books and live. It feels like you've been,


hiding behind classes. People ignore you if you say you're trying, and you've survived for years.

You don't want to fool yourself into thinking you're confident because you've been,


there before and found yourself a fraud. On September 2, 2023,

Set down your study materials and start living some of your fantasies. On September 2, 2023, 


trine Venus will guide and assist you. It's telling you to trust yourself and rely less on your vast knowledge.


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