Shericka Jackson wins the women's 200m at the 2023 Zurich Diamond League.

Shericka Jackson, 29, won another stunning 200m victory in the 2023 Zurich Diamond in Switzerland on Thursday, August 31. 

Jackson demonstrated her unequaled pace at the start of the race and led the Swiss track till the finish.

The Jamaican sprinter finished the 200 m race in 21.82 seconds, trailing second and third place finishers Daryll Neita with 22.25 seconds 

and Kayla White with 22.33 seconds, respectively. Although Jackson did not break Florence Griffith Joyner's world record in the 200 meters in 1988, 

she came close with her recent record at the World Athletics Championships 2023 last week. She also finished first in

the 200 meters, with a time of 21.41 seconds, barely 0.07 seconds short of the world record.

In a post-race interview, Jackson expressed her feelings on her 21.82-second time this time:

"This whole house is fantastic. I really liked the atmosphere. "I really wanted to come out here and perform," Jackson explained.

With five Olympic gold, Jackson has unquestionably earned a position among the most decorated 200m runners of all time.

 She refuses to rest on her laurels, though, because there are two more races left in the season, including a final in Eugene. 


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