Smash Mouth vocalist Steve Harwell is reportedly 'on his deathbed' and suffering from liver failure.

According to sources, Steve Harwell, the former lead vocalist of Smash Mouth, has entered hospice care due to the terminal stages of liver failure.

According to TMZ, Harwell is "on his deathbed" and has reached the latter stages of liver failure caused by a lengthy struggle with alcoholism. 

Until recently, the "All Star" singer was being treated in a hospital.

The devastating news was confirmed by a spokesman from Harwell's administration to Fox News Digital. 

"Unfortunately, this is the case," said the source. "Steve is at home resting and being cared for by his fiancé and hospice care." 

According to the singer's representative, he is currently surrounded by family and friends.

"We would hope that people would respect Steve and his family's privacy during this difficult time," said the source.

Harwell retired in 2021 following a poor performance in upstate New York. While confirming Harwell's retirement to the New York Post, a spokesman noted his mental and physical health.


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