Suicide Squad director laments Jared Leto's "Damaged" Joker tattoo

Suicide Squad's 2016 director, David Ayer, is reflecting on the DC movie and sharing one of his regrettable creative choices.

In the comic book adaptation, Jared Leto played the villainous Joker, and Ayer suggested that Leto tattoo the word "damaged" over his forehead.

"The tattoo concept is 100% mine. It was my decision," Ayer said on X, the social media website that replaced Twitter.

The original plan was for it to say "Blessed" rather than "Damaged."After saying that, he continued, "I regret that choice.

It sowed discord and division. Not all ideas are wise ones. And as the internet slaps me around for this post, I'll just be sitting here in the corner.

Ayer recently stated on social media that his version of the movie, in which Margot Robbie played Harley Quinn, Will Smith played Deadshot.

And Viola Davis played Amanda Walker, might eventually be released."A lot of folks are really curious and interested.

Ayer wrote on X, "And I'm aware that there is another group of folks who like making fun of the movie.

"Your comment is a fantastic illustration of how many people are magnetically driven to talk negatively about the 2016 movie.

Have you ever gone through a life event that brought you down, had you reevaluate everything, and didn't quite turn out the way you wanted? I have."


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