Team USA captain Jalen Brunson's unvarnished assessment of the FIBA World Cup upset against Lithuania.

Team USA captain Jalen Brunson blamed poor preparation for their FIBA World Cup loss to Lithuania.

Wow, that's embarrassing. Team USA is struggling against opponents they've easily defeated, a continuing trend.

So awful that the US is losing games abroad, which was unheard of before. 

Another example is Team USA's shocking FIBA World Cup loss to Lithuania.

Many debated who was to blame for the loss after the game.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Team USA captain Jalen Brunson claimed responsibility for the loss.

That’s on me,” Team USA captain and starting point guard Jalen Brunson said. “

“I gotta come ready to play, and I gotta have everyone else ready.”

Two things doomed Team USA versus Lithuania. First, their poor first quarter performance caught up. 

Lithuania started strong and led by double digits in the opening quarter.


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