The Flash Movie Will Be Available for Streaming Soon

After a rocky run in theaters, The Flash now has a streaming release date on Max, which has been announced.

The Flash has been nothing short of a disaster for Warner Bros., becoming one of the greatest disasters in Hollywood history, with only $268 million worldwide.

Breaking new records apparently every week, typically negative ones, this Multiversal film fell short of competing with other major summer blockbusters such as Spider-Man:

Into the Spider-Verse and Fast X despite having great hopes. Max's official X (previously Twitter) page announced The Flash's streaming launch on Friday, 

August 25 - only 70 days after the film's June 16 theatrical debut. This is a surprising news given that Warner Bros. has provided inconsistent information about the superhero film's streaming availability.

Casey Bloys, Chairman & CEO of HBO & HBO Max Content, revealed at an April Max event that The Flash would not be available on the streaming service until Fall 2023.

After Ezra Miller's solo picture received such great accolades during early screenings for fans and critics,

the studio seemed to expect it to perform considerably better commercially than it did while it was on the big screen.

This technique has grown quite standard for Warner Bros. in recent years, with films like Shazam! Fury of the Gods and

Black Adam receiving anywhere from 30 to 70 days between their theatrical and streaming premieres.


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