These 6 Zodiac Sign Women Play Hard To Get.

It's possible to learn a lot about ourselves and the people we deal with by looking at our zodiac signs. 

Aries women love leading partnerships. They're courageous and independent, so they don't need someone else to feel whole.

Taurus women have solid partnerships. They slowly get to know someone before committing. 

Gemini women enjoy having alternatives available to them. They are flirtatious and fascinating, which appeals to the other sex and draws them in. 

Leo women want what they want, even relationships. They value individuality and rarely compromise.

Intense and enigmatic Scorpio women are superb at playing hard to get. They take things carefully and don't show their actual sentiments.

Virgos are regarded as analytical and well-organized. Relationships are something they take seriously and don't take lightly. 

Usually, they will wait until they feel totally at ease with someone before disclosing their genuine sentiments. 


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