USF is building a $340M football stadium despite academic objections.

The AP reported from Tampa. When the University of South Florida started its football program in 1997, its headquarters were in the “Ponderosa,” a glorified trailer on campus. 

The Bulls played in Tampa Stadium, known as the “Sombrero” for its curved design, miles away.

Since 1998, USF has played in Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and three Super Bowls.

They have garnered enormous crowds for prominent opponents but rarely fill half the 75,000 seats.

School income streams like parking and refreshments are likewise uncontrolled.

USF officials say a $340 million, 35,000-seat stadium on the eastern outskirts of Tampa will change everything in 2026.

They think it will make it easier for students to access, attract alumni and benefactors, increase football recruitment, and even get the Bulls into a big conference.

 However, school officials say a $200 million loan and other non-taxpayer sources raise questions about financing the stadium. 


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