What Is The Point Of Existence?

The search for life's meaning is a universal question that has captured people's minds and emotions throughout history and across civilizations.

It is a way of thinking that is universal to all ages, backgrounds, and worldviews and invites us to explore the deeper significance of our life

We are motivated by a desire to comprehend our place in the vastness of the cosmos as sentient beings. 

Astrology, which is sometimes referred to as the "language of the cosmos," provides a distinctive viewpoint on what life is all about.

Astrology tells us that we are traveling through incarnations to learn and develop as we embark on a journey of soul expansion.

Cosmic alignment is inextricably connected to the meaning of existence. Numerous facets of human existence are impacted when the planets transit through the various signs and houses.

Self-discovery is key to life purpose. Astrology helps us to explore our strengths, flaws, interests, and skills.

Astrology shows how intertwined we are and the cosmos is. The planets' locations generate a cosmic symphony that affects us.

Astrology illuminates our purpose in life's maze. Remember that life is a journey of growth, self-discovery, and evolution, not a destination. 

The meaning of life is a cosmic riddle that challenges us to delve into the core of who we are and the nature of the cosmos.


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