Where does MLS stand in the overall picture with Messi in Miami?

The greatest soccer player in history landed in Florida in the middle of the summer and struck,

our league with a thunderbolt.I assume you are already aware of that if you are reading this column.

However, let's go back a month and a half in time to acknowledge what Lionel Messi,

has accomplished for Inter Miami CF:At the very last second, the Herons defeated Cruz Azul,

2-1 thanks to a free kick that was banged in.scored a brace in 22 minutes and then assisted,

on a third to help Atlanta lose 4-0.greeted his neighbors by scoring another brace,

and receiving a yellow card in a tepid 3-1 victory over Orlando.Another brace, this time in a 4-4 tie at,

Dallas that Miami ultimately won in a penalty shot shootout. This brace also included a late free kick.


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