Which color is Vastu's recommendation for the kitchen?

The kitchen, which is sometimes referred to as the center of the house, is essential to everyday life.

It serves as a place for family get-togethers as well as food preparation. 

based on the ancient Indian architectural theory known as Vastu Shastra.

Our well-being and energy levels may be dramatically impacted by the colors we pick for our living environments.

In this post, we explore the intriguing world of kitchen paint colors that are Vastu-compliant to help you create a home that is more peaceful and well-balanced.

Vastu Shastra is founded on the idea that a place's energy is influenced by the five basic elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Due to the tasks associated with cooking and food preparation, the kitchen symbolizes the element of fire.

Beige, pale yellow, and creamy white are great kitchen colors. These colors make cooking and dining cozy by promoting warmth and stability.

Since fire is connected with the kitchen, red and orange can boost its vitality. However, moderation is key with these hues.

The components of water and wood are blue and green. The fiery kitchen can be balanced by these peaceful colors. 


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