Why the Clippers should deal for James Harden: Lil Wayne

Hip-hop artist Lil Wayne believes James Harden may still be an inspiration if he's in the correct situation.

James Harden needs to be placated, thus the Philadelphia 76ers must do so. 

He doesn't want to play for that NBA team or any other that has Daryl Morey working,

for them in any manner.One of the finest teams in the Eastern Conference is made up of Harden,

and Joel Embiid. They cannot afford to lose him at this time, yet he may not be very motivated to play.

Hip-hop artist Lil Wayne claims that joining the Los Angeles Clippers will restore his stardom,

since he believes that is the only way to solve his problems.On Undisputed, Wayne stated,

"I believe those players on that squad are what encourage him when he's motivated.


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