Zodiac Signs May End Controlling Relationships September 3, 2023

Moon square Pluto on September 3, 2023, will open our hearts to a life-changing astrological transit.

This transit doesn't provide love or passion; it forces lessons on us and demands we learn them quickly.

You no longer have time for this kind of treatment, meaning you no longer allow others to control you.


It's so clear that you feel like they can't exist without bossing you around or telling you how to live.

On September 3, 2023, you may be perplexed by your own sense of righteousness, but during Moon square Pluto,


you will know what to do and how to approach it, which is to break up with your loving partner.

You wake up today, September 3, 2023, realizing you're forgetting what it's like to be yourself and do things your way.


You've always been unique and loved doing things your way. You don't strive to change people,


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